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Blogue de la Bouche du tigre: Lantern Festival – Blessings for the Year



I was pleased to receive the virtual blessing for prosperity and longevity for my family. I decided to hang it by my front door so I will see it immediately upon entering or exiting our home.

The blessing is a visual reminder to our family that the Star of Fortune will shine on us for doing charitable deeds. I love how the blessing also emphasized that our hearts will be forever young and our vitality never cease.


Korie-Lyn ~ Alberta






I chose the blessing « The Lamp of Wealth and Fertility », which states: « May your wealth, your longevity, and your descendants increase, May your family gather happily together, The light of the Lamp will brighten your family gatherings, Like the Star of Fortune shining down from heaven. » I would receive with gratitude a strengthening of family relations, with the Star of Fortune shining down from heaven.

I have respectfully placed this blessing by a small Goon Yam altar.

Mary ~ Alberta

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