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Blogue de la Bouche du tigre: Chanting and staying connected.

When I lost my job due to COVID 19, I felt quite isolated.  I was living far from home in Thunder Bay Ontario, and hadn’t seen Fung Loy Kok friends in months.  I was so grateful when the Directors began holding regular chanting sessions every weekend, and quickly felt a part of the community again.  The chanting, teachings and discussion helped lift my mood and made me feel like part of a family, all supporting one another.

Now that I am back in Toronto and working, the chanting helps me deal with the stress of a new online job.  I still feel so blessed to be a part of this community, and one of the best parts is that  I get to receive instruction from our most senior instructors in the comfort and safety of my own home.

I can’t thank the directors and leaders from around the world enough for working so hard to keep our wonderful organization afloat during these times, and continuing to ensure that we learn the Taoist Tai Chi® arts that Master Moy taught, and that we stay safe.

Rachel, Toronto

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