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Blogue de la Bouche du tigre: 400+ participants gather from around the world for five days of training

Day 1 of Continuing Instructor Training (CIT) week began with 400+ participants and a focus on dropping and expanding in the Tor-yu. As we moved on to explore how to apply this Tor-yu in Parting Wild Horses Mane, it started to snow in true Canadian style.

As always, our training in how to take care of each other extends beyond the physical form to encompass social and other activities, all of which help us on a path of transformation: chanting, meetings, cooking, dish washing, laundry, snow shovelling, and looking after the temples. It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it; intention is everything.

In the coming days we anticipate a deepening of our understanding as we soften and open our minds and bodies. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!


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