A Cure for Worry

The Directors’ advice to develop our self-practice is helping to keep me strong and is my cure for daily worry during this pandemic. This has also been a time of reflection which has led me to realize how important volunteering within this organization is.  It continues to teach me invaluable lessons in developing inner strength, listening more, talking less, an awareness of inner feelings, harmony within, connection to others and the universe itself.  Practicing the set, meditating or chanting with a focus on these inner feelings reduces anxiety and I can embrace the stillness within. The Saturday morning chanting sessions and discussions deepen my understanding of the gifts we are being given. As volunteers we have the privilege of helping others. I thank the directors and the organization for this opportunity, for continuous learning, and for deepening my understanding of our practice.

Embracing Self-Practice

On our weekly Saturday Zoom discussions, I feel part of our organization’s international community. Through the leadership of our Board of Directors, I’ve learned more about the legacy of Master Moy, the roots of our traditions and the factors considered in decisions they make on our behalf.  Because of their continued encouragement, I’ve embraced the concept of “self practice” and have been able to enthusiastically share that experience in discussion with other participants. 

Thank you also to the leadership at the regional and local level who have also been a tremendous support to me during this period of isolation.

Thank you so much

“I returned to Taoist Tai Chi® practice after my husband passed needing a commitment and some physical activity.  Aside from all of the usual physical benefits, I have come to realize my practice has helped me to perceive my daily reality differently and now interact in it and with it in a much more balanced way, now viewing change as an opportunity! I am ever grateful to Master Moy and the Board of Directors for continuing to pass on the Teachings and everyday look forward to more opening and a deeper understanding of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and myself. Thank you so very much everyone.”   

Immense Gratitude

“I wish to express immense gratefulness to our directors, who, during  these difficult decades after his passing, have shared and worked tirelessly to protect and preserve the ancient essence of Master Moy’s unique teachings of the dual cultivation of our physical body and mind/spirit.  As it says in Dual Cultivation: “We must be able to share our skills in the internal arts with others without the intention of satisfying self-interest. Only then are we practicing these arts well.” (p. 5)”

Stillness and Balance

“I am grateful for stillness, balance, patience, trust, confidence. I could write a book that would never end about each, as I discover more and more, day to day, in my practice.  I can’t find words to express my gratitude to Master Moy for the precious gift of the arts he gave us 50 years ago and to the members of the Board for their steadfast commitment to keeping these arts true to Master Moy’s vision, but also vibrant and moving forward into the next 50 years.”  

Relief from Chronic Pain

“I am so grateful for the training I receive from FLK. The practice relieved me from chronic back pain and freed up my frozen shoulders (both things being so life-interfering)!  My body felt twenty years younger! Not only that though. It has permeated into my daily living and moving. I turn my body in a way that is not harmful — no more twisting.  I walk tall, centered and balanced, with eyes looking out — even on the icy roads. I sit taller with an expanding spine – no more slouching. I set my feet properly, using the danyu to lift or pick up things. I am so aware now of how to move in a way that doesn’t damage me or cause me pain. Thank you, thank you, Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.”  

An Anchor from which to Grow

“I am grateful that the  Fung Loy Kok Institute of TaoismTM teachings have provided me with an anchor from which I can learn and grow into a more complete human being. I feel a small part of a much larger whole that enriches me and allows me to practice with strength and dedication. I am grateful to Master Moy and the directors for giving me these many opportunities.”   

Heartfelt Appreciation

“I found friendship and a strong group connection. 

I love the learning and physical component. 

I am very thankful for how it made me feel physically, mentally and emotionally. For me these past nine months have opened a new window to the world of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. 

I appreciate the suggestions and opportunities for continuous learning and for the weekly encouragement.

I feel a new and strong connection to the leadership 

I appreciate the still, steady, sharing and compassionate leadership that is exemplified each week. I appreciate the time they share with us each week.”

Feel more Confident

I am grateful for the message that we are responsible for our own health and that the practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts can relieve pressure on our public health care system. For the realization that through volunteering I improve my health, and for the gift that now as a senior I feel more confident going out into the world, more relevant, capable and independent. Chanting has helped me focus, relax and find a strength from inside. I am also grateful that the Tao Te Ching is being discussed in the Saturday classes. The verses are profound, beautiful prose. 

A Special Organization

“I am so grateful for being able to listen to the Wednesday discussions.  I always learn something – get something to chew on.

This is such a special organization!  If more organizations could replicate what we have, the world would be a much better place.

Please forward my heartfelt gratitude to the directors for their dedication, commitment and sharing of their wisdom with me (and others of course).”

Enormous Joy

Thank you very much for the explanation of the meaning of the shrine symbolism.

With honesty, I would like to express that this is one of the manifestations of the arts that has been most difficult for me to accept.

From a very young age I rejected any form of religious manifestation that was promoted in my own culture and that was very difficult because I always felt like “a fish out of water”.  

 But little by little I have become more comfortable with those symbols that are part of this tradition.

I feel that it has brought me closer to the enormous power and joy that I feel with the chanting.

A Lifeline

“My thanks to the Directors for Saturday Mornings. It is a life line of support for those that live alone and are housebound.”

Deepest Gratitude

“Please allow me to express my deepest gratitude for each of the leaders’ dedication, sharing with us your knowledge, experience and understanding of Master Moy’s legacy, helping and guide us to transform into a better person to walk forward daily with our heads held high in this forever changing and complicated world.

After I began to explore using them in my daily life, I discovered the meaning of “it is more than just a set of 108 movement”.

When I do the actual moves, my mind is fully engaged in feeling what’s happening in my body. With the stillness and clarity of mindfulness, I am able to capture the sensation in my whole body talking to me with the moves in the details, great joys of accomplishment.”


Taoist Tai Chi® arts have become a pretty big part of my life. I’ve found the upshot of solo practise is that I can really concentrate on listening to my body to instruct me on how things are feeling and work on certain areas at my own pace. I feel as though, in the absence of classes, there is an opportunity to work with what I’ve learned up till now, remembering the instructions and cementing my Tai Chi before moving onto deeper levels.

I’m very grateful that I have Taoist Tai Chi® arts in my life.”

Internal Calm

“Practicing by myself has been challenging but revealed many gifts. Throughout my life, many people have commented that I am always so calm. This puzzled me because what I am often feeling, especially in interactions with others, is anxiety. The appearance of calm was external. With many weeks of individual practice, I have been able to match the external with a more clear, quiet and calm internal experience. I decided it is okay to just enjoy the feeling of the form and weave this feeling into all that I do. I thank our leaders at Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism for their wisdom in giving this direction.”