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Cancer and Taoist Tai Chi® arts

Taoist Tai Chi® arts can help with the physical and emotional challenges you may face with cancer. They are a powerful tool to take charge of your own health especially as you recover from surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

People find that Taoist Tai Chi® practice reduces pain, stress and fatigue, and improves balance, energy, mood, sleep, immune system function, freedom of movement and quality of life.

Through gentle stretching and turning of the spine, Taoist Tai Chi® practice penetrates the entire body at all levels. This has a profound effect on health, increasing strength, flexibility, and resilience. As a moving meditation, it calms and clears the mind, cultivating a feeling of lightness and well-being.

“I continually saw amazed looks from the medical staff about how quickly I healed.”

Ian, Alberta

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Stories of Cancer and Taoist Tai Chi® arts

Taoist Tai Chi® arts practitioners describe how their practice helped them through the challenges of cancer. Their stories highlight a wide range of benefits, from reduced stress and pain to increased mobility and flexibility, to completely doing away with long-used opioids.

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What are participants recovering from cancer saying about Taoist Tai Chi® practice?

“I recently had surgery for glioblastoma, a relatively rare brain cancer. Taoist Tai Chi® practice helped my mental focus and relieved physical distress while in the hospital undergoing testing and then surgery.

Afterward, the medical staff was amazed with how quickly I healed. Taoist Tai Chi® arts almost immediately increased my energy. I just stood up from the bed after surgery and was walking unaided by the next morning.”

– Ian, Alberta

Taoist Tai Chi® practice has helped me cultivate a sense of grounding, patience and strength that allowed me to endure the cancer treatment regimen. Following chemotherapy, I needed major surgery. I am still recovering and practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts every day as a way to heal and improve my strength.

Having visitors from the FLK community also alleviated some of my pain and sickness. Being connected to the group has been a tremendous source of strength in these hard times.”

– Justin, British Columbia

“I started practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts over 20 years ago as a healthy, busy working mom. They have been a companion through many changes and the practice has helped me through many life challenges.

Now, the unexpected diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer has brought limited life expectancy and emotional turmoil. Yet the physical and mental strength I’ve developed through Taoist Tai Chi® practice has given me the ability to continue to pursue life and activities as I choose. Taoist Tai Chi® practice works through your whole life cycle.”

– Mary, Canada

Cultivate health and well-being with Taoist Tai Chi® arts

The whole body approach of Taoist Tai Chi® arts has a profound effect on all aspects of our health and well being. Mind, body and spirit are deeply nourished and transformed.

Taoist Tai Chi® practice involves a full range of motion with deep stretching and continuous turning of the spine. It exercises the whole physiology including muscular, skeletal and circulatory systems, as well as tendons, joints, connective tissue and organs, increasing strength, flexibility and resilience, whatever our condition. It is a form of moving meditation that has a penetrating and relaxing effect on the nervous system and the brain, reducing anxiety, lightening the spirit, calming and clearing the mind.

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