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CIT Week
CIT Week 2019: Reflections

CIT Week 2019: Reflections

Throughout day 5 of Continuing Instructor Training week, many participants shared their personal experience of the program and how deeply they had been affected by the focus on the feeling of our Taoist Tai Chi® arts, rather than the form. We practiced using our spine as we turned from move to move in Fair Lady […]
CIT Week 2019: So much more to our <b><i>Taoist Tai Chi®</i></b> arts…

CIT Week 2019: So much more to our Taoist Tai Chi® arts…

On Day 2 of Continuing Instructor Training Week 2019, participants began to find more focus and depth, getting a sense that there is so much more to discover beneath the surface. The initial perception of the physical form gives way to the realization that every aspect of the Society is an opportunity for training.    […]
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