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Personal Reflections

Read participants’ reflections on their self-practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding Meaning in All Souls Festival
“It was no longer merely an exercise, but something spiritual. | Ce n’était plus seulement un exercice, mais quelque chose de spirituel.” Read More

- Rosemary - Québec

Looking Inward to Look Outward
“Knowing that I am OK allows me to not worry about myself and instead look outward to discover what I can do to help others.” Read More

- Kathy, USA

Nourish the Heart
“I am happy I had the opportunity to recognize this (sudden shocking discovery) and I make the resolution to resume constant, consistent practice and to preserve and nourish the heart part and make the rest (the brain part) less intrusive.” Read More

- Paoletta, Italy

A Path to Follow
“Daily practice of the eight virtues tames my heart and brings direction and meaning to my life. I am grateful for the wisdom of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.” Read More

- Cathy, Ontario

Just Practice
“I didn’t appreciate until years later just how truly profound that advice was. There were no shortcuts. Just practice.” Read More

- Claire, Saskatchewan

Calm in Crisis
“The first hit my rear and flipped, the other hit the front of my car and ended up facing the opposite direction. I thank God, the gods, and Taoist Tai Chi® practice for my survival. I am a walking, talking Taoist Tai Chi® arts promotional ad to all my family and friends.” Read More

- Linda Mae, British Columbia

Choice | Choix
“What I understand today is, when the feeling is unattached, not judgmental, without too much thought and not anchored in some kind of desire or fear, it is - I’m not sure how to put it - light, free flowing, present. It requires a sense of presence while letting go. It is challenging but I get a bit better at it every day. | Ce que j'ai compris aujourd'hui, c'est que lorsque le sentiment n'est pas attaché, qu'il ne porte pas de jugement, qu'il n'est pas trop réfléchi et qu'il n'est pas ancré dans une sorte de désir ou de peur, il est - je ne sais pas comment le dire - léger, fluide, présent. Cela demande un sens de la présence tout en lâchant prise. C'est un défi, mais je m'y prends un peu mieux chaque jour. ” Read More

- Stefan - Québec

Un ancrage | An Anchor
“Ma pratique est devenue un ancrage et une source d’équilibre et d’apaisement dans le tourbillon de ma vie. Ça m’a vraiment aidé à reconstruire ma santé physique et mentale. | My practice became an anchor and a source of balance and calm in the whirlwind of my life. It has really helped me rebuild my physical and mental health.” Read More

- L, Québec

Chemin de transformation | Path of Transformation
“Je dois repasser souvent par le même chemin pour que la transformation prenne forme, un peu comme un sentier que l’on doit marcher fréquemment afin qu’il demeure un sentier. | I have to walk the same path many times for transformation to take place, much like a trail that must be walked frequently for it to remain a trail.” Read More

- Alain, Québec

Příležitost v obtížích | Opportunity in Difficulty
“Čas, ktorý máme na náš individuálny tréning nám dáva možnosť objavovať samých seba na úrovniach, o ktorých sme nemali potuchy. | The time we have for our individual training gives us the opportunity to discover ourselves at levels we have no idea about” Read More

- Michal, Slovakia

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