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Temples & Shrines

Taoism is multifaceted and can be practised anywhere. Cultivating oneself through the Taoist arts transforms body, mind and spirit. While the Taoist arts are practised at all our locations and are the foundation of the Taoist path, temples and shrines offer practitioners the opportunity to express particular Taoist traditions, especially rituals and ceremonies. A temple or shrine is open to everyone, regardless of background or belief. Each one is centred around an altar to one or more deities, who represent aspects of the teachings such as wisdom or compassion. Members of the public are welcome to visit, pay their respects and take part in the activities provided, such as the ceremonies and festivals that occur during the year. Temples may also include memorial altars where plaques in honour of the deceased are installed by family and friends to ensure their loved ones are cared for in the afterlife.

For information on chanting and related activities in communities across Canada, please choose a location.

Part of the International Centre near Orangeville, Canada is the Three Religions Temple. This main temple houses deities from Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. There is also a Dau Mo Shrine, a Chi Wo Tan Altar, and a Memorial Hall, Columbarium and Cemetery for paying respect to the souls of the deceased as well as caring for their remains.

The International Centre
248305 5 Sideroad
Mono, Ontario L9W 6L2
Tel: 1.519.941.5981
Fax: 1.519.941.4542

Located on Steeles Avenue, this temple is dedicated to Wong Dai Sin, a Taoist Immortal who is particularly well-loved in Hong Kong. Although he was a simple shepherd boy, he displayed great virtue and was able to cultivate immortality by practising the Taoist arts. This architecturally-innovative, Governor-General’s Medal-winning building, which opened in 2015, has quickly become an important landmark and gathering place for people who wish to participate in the services that regularly take place here. This temple also includes a Memorial Hall. Memorial plaques are available to anyone who wishes to commemorate a loved one.

Wong Dai Sin Temple
378 Steeles Ave. E.
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 0E7
Tel: 1.905.597.3210
Fax: 1.905.597.3218

About Wong Dai Sin

Wong Dai Sin is a Taoist immortal who is particularly well known and venerated in Hong Kong as well as communities in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. According to his story, although he was a simple shepherd boy, he displayed great virtue and was able to cultivate immortality by practising the Taoist arts on Mount Chisong (“Red Pine”) in Zhejiang. Afterward, he became known for “helping all and promoting goodness.”With this temple, we hope to help spread his spirit of sincerity, perseverance and compassion and provide a place for all who wish to benefit from the practice of Taoism.



In the heart of Toronto’s traditional Chinatown, the D’Arcy Street Temple is an active and vibrant temple and Memorial Hall. It was the home of our founder, Master Moy Lin Shin, in his final years. It hosts regular ceremonies and festivals as well as other events drawing visitors from the local community as well as from around the world.

D'Arcy Street Temple
134 D'Arcy Street
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1K3
Tel: 1.416.656.2110
Fax: 1.416.654.3937

Temples & Shrines Across Canada

Québec, QC Goon Yam Shrine
Orangeville, ON Chi Wo Tan
Orangeville, ON Three Religion Temple
Orangeville, ON Dao Mo Shrine & 60 Star Deities Constellations Palace
Orangeville, ON Wong Ling Goon (Guardian House)
Simcoe, ON Goon Yam Table
St. Catharines, ON Goon Yam Table
Stratford, ON Goon Yam Shrine
Toronto D’Arcy, ON Three Deity Shrine
Windsor, ON Goon Yam Shrine
Calgary, AB Three Deity Shrine
Edmonton, AB Three Deity Shrine
Vancouver, BC Goon Yam Shrine


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