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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: CIT Week 2019: Reflections

Throughout day 5 of Continuing Instructor Training week, many participants shared their personal experience of the program and how deeply they had been affected by the focus on the feeling of our Taoist Tai Chi® arts, rather than the form.

We practiced using our spine as we turned from move to move in Fair Lady Works Shuttles, Wave Hands, and Fan Through the Back.

Additionally, we were encouraged to engage the forces to open the chest and turn the spine in Step Up Deflect Parry Punch and in Turn and Chop With Fist.

During the program the benefits of watching others became increasingly clear, as it enabled people to both step outside of and reflect on their own practice. 

The day finished with everyone feeling excited about their training and looked forward to sharing their insights from CIT Week when they return to their home locations.


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