Feel more Confident

I am grateful for the message that we are responsible for our own health and that the practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts can relieve pressure on our public health care system. For the realization that through volunteering I improve my health, and for the gift that now as a senior I feel more confident going out into the world, more relevant, capable and independent. Chanting has helped me focus, relax and find a strength from inside. I am also grateful that the Tao Te Ching is being discussed in the Saturday classes. The verses are profound, beautiful prose. 

Enormous Joy

Thank you very much for the explanation of the meaning of the shrine symbolism.

With honesty, I would like to express that this is one of the manifestations of the arts that has been most difficult for me to accept.

From a very young age I rejected any form of religious manifestation that was promoted in my own culture and that was very difficult because I always felt like “a fish out of water”.  

 But little by little I have become more comfortable with those symbols that are part of this tradition.

I feel that it has brought me closer to the enormous power and joy that I feel with the chanting.

Feeling Grateful

I’d thought about joining the chanting on Saturdays for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t quite plucked up the courage. I’m very much a ‘beginner’, at the start of my Tai Chi journey, and lacking confidence, but joining with others, doing something I’d never done before was tempting.

So, this week, I thought I’d give it a go. And I’m so glad I did.

Joining with so many others across the world with one aim, I felt connected. I felt quite overwhelmed at one point, and emotional, but connected. Chanting with one voice and with so many. It was powerful.

And equally as powerful were the words spoken, both before and after the chanting: the explanation of the ceremony; the lighting of the incense; the bowing, I could relate to it all.

And afterwards… the shared stories, the shared emotions and experiences. I was moved, and blinking hard by the close of the meeting. And feeling grateful.

Tai Chi ‘Colouring’

“Having practised Taoist Tai Chi® for 13 years, I always found myself feeling restricted in an “Arts” sense. I considered myself following instructions well and achieved what was introduced and taught, but at times felt as if I was tracing coloring books with restricted colour scheme. Since the Staying Home practices started in March, my mind and body changed completely. I felt the sense of Stillness in my body and quietness in my mind, but FREE in spirit. I created my “paintings” my way with learned Taoist principles as guidelines. This is the First time I truly understand to Let go with what I had, then I can be Myself. The Saturday chantings are an added Sweet taste to the experience, I am still trying to “absorb” more of the deeper feeling.

Thank you to ALL the instructors I have met during these years at FLK, for ALL the instructions you ALL have given me, but most of ALL: Thank you for your Patience with me. I am deeply appreciative.”

Deep Appreciation

“I want to share my deep appreciation for the Saturday morning chanting and discussion Zoom sessions. The opportunity to participate in chanting is wonderful both for the physical benefits – relaxing my back, expanding my breathing, the calming effect – but also to gain confidence while practicing unheard for when we come back together.

I have found it challenging to make the time to practice Tai Chi at home and find that the Saturday sessions inspire me each week to practice. Thank you. Hearing Sandra speak was a great reminder of the effort some folks are making to join – late Saturday night in Australia.

Thank you to the organization’s leaders, to all the backend/administrative folks, and to the participants worldwide.”

expression of gratitude

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all that the Senior Leadership of FLK Taoist Tai Chi® are doing to assist with our individual journeys to a deeper level of Taoist Tai Chi practice.

I am so grateful to you all for all the work you continue to do; for the chanting that has such a beneficial vibrational resonance and for the wonderful and enlightening discussions following. It has all contributed to our success in weathering this continuing pandemic storm we are all experiencing.

As a retired Critical Care Nurse, I am so grateful for your wise and responsible decision to forgo any in person gatherings of FLK Taoist Tai Chi® for the foreseeable future. Our weekly gatherings along with our own practice will sustain us. In the end we will come out of this stronger, more centered and more aware that it is us as individuals who can grow our personal depth of the body, mind spirit connection.”

I feel Enlivened

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the teachings and all of the encouragement from the directors. It is so important now.  It is heartwarming to hear.  Sometimes, I think about what has been said during the course of the week, and I feel enlivened. Thank you so much for the opportunity to get together and chant and gain wisdom from the teachings!!”