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Tai Chi ‘Colouring’

“Having practised Taoist Tai Chi® for 13 years, I always found myself feeling restricted in an “Arts” sense. I considered myself following instructions well and achieved what was introduced and taught, but at times felt as if I was tracing coloring books with restricted colour scheme. Since the Staying Home practices started in March, my mind and body changed completely. I felt the sense of Stillness in my body and quietness in my mind, but FREE in spirit. I created my “paintings” my way with learned Taoist principles as guidelines. This is the First time I truly understand to Let go with what I had, then I can be Myself. The Saturday chantings are an added Sweet taste to the experience, I am still trying to “absorb” more of the deeper feeling.

Thank you to ALL the instructors I have met during these years at FLK, for ALL the instructions you ALL have given me, but most of ALL: Thank you for your Patience with me. I am deeply appreciative.”

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