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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Reflecting on the Strength of Our Organization

I reflect on Master Moy’s words quoted on the home page of the website:

“We are not learning taijiquan, or the Tai Chi Boxing set; we are learning Tai Chi, the Grand Ultimate…”

So we are not learning an exercise form or a competitive form.  We are learning “Tai Chi, the Grand Ultimate.”

As a beginner, or even years later, how could I understand “the Grand Ultimate”?  I may understand little. However, I can respond to that familiar question: “How do you feel?”

I feel more relaxed, with a measure of peace slowing down the daily “race.”

Although I felt pressure at squeezing another activity into a charged work and family life, I kept coming back.  I stayed after class to visit, wash teacups, practice and help more. I became a better listener in following the instructions.  I wanted to share these physical, mental and emotional benefits, and was invited to become an instructor.

As my well-being grew so did my understanding, which developed deeper relationships at home and in the community.  When asked why I practiced, I could smilingly and truthfully say:  “My son likes me better, I like myself better, and I like all of you better.”

The Taoist Tai Chi® arts we practice go beyond the body strength and flexibility that may come from an exercise class.  Our practice invites harmony and unity, not competitive divisiveness and dominance.  Taoist Tai Chi® arts have provided an opportunity for doors to open to a deeper awareness of a universe within, and help connect me in a calmer more helpful way to the outer universe.

I can be stronger and more helpful through this practice Master Moy gave us and left in the care of the Directors.  Our individual responsibility for growth and development of our own practice comes from the guidance, direction, listening and following the instructions, which adds to the strength of the whole.

-Terryl, Alberta

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