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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Calming in These Difficult Times

My practice during the past few months has allowed me to more fully experience ‘letting go’ and enabled me to concentrate on the feeling rather than the form. It has been very calming and keeps me grounded in these strange times.

-Carol, British Columbia


When the pandemic hit, so many of my activities were cancelled. Taoist Tai Chi® practice remained a constant. An activity that you can do anytime, anywhere: it’s very calming for me. So glad that it was something that I started doing three years ago.

-Livvy, British Columbia


In this difficult time, we enjoy practicing jongs and the set. Trying to recall instruction challenges us.

-Matt and Claire, British Columbia


Forget about Covid-19, it’s a beautiful day for Taoist Tai Chi® practice.

-Wayne, British Columbia

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