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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Personal Practice: Playing and Relaxation

Covid isolation has brought me to a place of being more present, slowing down, paying attention.  This extends to the Taoist Tai Chi® arts where it actually has become playing.  Finding my balance, exploring the move.  Sometimes feeling a drop, a relax, a resting place and just as I settle in, the shift begins, the reaction, the energy of the movement that carries me to that next settling place. Maintaining that place of balance has become the piece I’m searching for.
-Shelley, Manitoba
Since the suspension of classes, I have found my personal practice of the set much more rewarding than before. At class, I often acted as a corner for the set and in that position, I felt responsible to do the form as clearly as possible because beginners may be modelling after me. So my focus was external. At home, there is just me so I am able to relax and focus on how I feel and what is happening, an internal focus. Hopefully I will be able to keep this when we are able to practice together again.
-Anonymous, Manitoba

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