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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Celebrating the Benefits of Taoist Tai Chi® practice for Seniors

Seniors in Vancouver recently hosted a Senior’s Day and Mother’s Day luncheon at the Pacific Region Centre. Over 100 seniors and pre-seniors from locations around Vancouver, Surrey, Chilliwack, and as far away as Calgary, gathered to practice and share stories of how Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts have improved their lives. We enjoyed an elegant Mother’s Day luncheon of delicious carrot-ginger soup, fancy sandwiches and homemade cookies, all prepared by our seniors. At the end of the day we all returned home with better posture and bright smiles.


Recently, when walking in my neighbourhood, I messed a step and felt I was going to fall and really injure myself. However I was able to stay upright because of the balance I’ve gained from Taoist Tai Chi®️ practice.
-Joel, Vancouver, Canada

Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts have taught me to not be afraid of pain. I can carry on.
-Lisa, Gibsons, Canada

My Taoist Tai Chi®️ practice kept me going when my husband was going through significant health issues. It gave me physical and emotional support.
-Joy, Langley, Canada

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