Relief from Chronic Pain

“I am so grateful for the training I receive from FLK. The practice relieved me from chronic back pain and freed up my frozen shoulders (both things being so life-interfering)!  My body felt twenty years younger! Not only that though. It has permeated into my daily living and moving. I turn my body in a way that is not harmful — no more twisting.  I walk tall, centered and balanced, with eyes looking out — even on the icy roads. I sit taller with an expanding spine – no more slouching. I set my feet properly, using the danyu to lift or pick up things. I am so aware now of how to move in a way that doesn’t damage me or cause me pain. Thank you, thank you, Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi®.”  

Deep Appreciation

“I want to share my deep appreciation for the Saturday morning chanting and discussion Zoom sessions. The opportunity to participate in chanting is wonderful both for the physical benefits – relaxing my back, expanding my breathing, the calming effect – but also to gain confidence while practicing unheard for when we come back together.

I have found it challenging to make the time to practice Tai Chi at home and find that the Saturday sessions inspire me each week to practice. Thank you. Hearing Sandra speak was a great reminder of the effort some folks are making to join – late Saturday night in Australia.

Thank you to the organization’s leaders, to all the backend/administrative folks, and to the participants worldwide.”