A Cure for Worry

The Directors’ advice to develop our self-practice is helping to keep me strong and is my cure for daily worry during this pandemic. This has also been a time of reflection which has led me to realize how important volunteering within this organization is.  It continues to teach me invaluable lessons in developing inner strength, listening more, talking less, an awareness of inner feelings, harmony within, connection to others and the universe itself.  Practicing the set, meditating or chanting with a focus on these inner feelings reduces anxiety and I can embrace the stillness within. The Saturday morning chanting sessions and discussions deepen my understanding of the gifts we are being given. As volunteers we have the privilege of helping others. I thank the directors and the organization for this opportunity, for continuous learning, and for deepening my understanding of our practice.

Internal Calm

“Practicing by myself has been challenging but revealed many gifts. Throughout my life, many people have commented that I am always so calm. This puzzled me because what I am often feeling, especially in interactions with others, is anxiety. The appearance of calm was external. With many weeks of individual practice, I have been able to match the external with a more clear, quiet and calm internal experience. I decided it is okay to just enjoy the feeling of the form and weave this feeling into all that I do. I thank our leaders at Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism for their wisdom in giving this direction.”

Lighter and more Confident

“Like many others I am immensely enjoying this time to practice on my own and to chant and listen to the talks on Saturday. 

This has been a very trying semester… and I was finding myself becoming anxious trying to meet everyone’s expectations and worrying over what would happen if I couldn’t.

(However), comments about sensing people and situations led me to take a step back and really try to see the situation for what it was, without my filters… The quote from Chuang-tzu about listening with your heart helped me get out of my head and to really listen…to act from my heart and to trust myself and the rightness of my intentions.

 As a result, I feel lighter, more confident, less worried, physically and emotionally stronger. My thinking is clearer and more free. I cannot find the words to fully express the changes I have experienced or my gratitude.”