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Lighter and more Confident

“Like many others I am immensely enjoying this time to practice on my own and to chant and listen to the talks on Saturday. 

This has been a very trying semester… and I was finding myself becoming anxious trying to meet everyone’s expectations and worrying over what would happen if I couldn’t.

(However), comments about sensing people and situations led me to take a step back and really try to see the situation for what it was, without my filters… The quote from Chuang-tzu about listening with your heart helped me get out of my head and to really listen…to act from my heart and to trust myself and the rightness of my intentions.

 As a result, I feel lighter, more confident, less worried, physically and emotionally stronger. My thinking is clearer and more free. I cannot find the words to fully express the changes I have experienced or my gratitude.”

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