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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Volunteering and personal transformation

Volunteering has given me an opportunity to get out of my own head by being able to help others. It is hard to be weighed down by your own thoughts, fears and worries when you are busy helping such a great organization and such wonderful individuals that are the community it represents. The feeling that you are truly benefiting ‘the greater good’ is uplifting and freeing. 

From my very first days as part of the FLK community, I have felt that I ‘belonged’ and had found a community of like-minded souls. The participants are positive, hard-working, big-hearted, selfless, open-minded and giving. ‘Volunteering’ simply feels like ‘belonging’. There is no effort. There is no separation. It is a natural extension to being a participant – the ‘participant’ experience lacks in richness without the simultaneous act of volunteering. 

It is amazing how Taoist Tai Chi® practice has become so much a part of my daily practice of LIFE.  Letting go of worry, opening my heart, calming my mind, nurturing my body. I am grateful for, and I feel blessed to be awakened to, the Taoist Tai Chi® arts . I know that my life will continue to be enriched every day because volunteering provides the opportunities to practise, learn and continue to grow. 

Cathy T,  Toronto-Scarborough

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