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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: A New Avenue of Discovery

When classes were suspended in March, little did I know I would be embracing another avenue to develop in my Taoist Tai Chi® practice.

I have practiced Taoist Tai Chi® arts for over twenty years, but only chanted occasionally. I always felt awkward and uncomfortable.

The invitation to join the first Saturday morning Zoom meeting in April with people from around the world chanting together while apart, was such a  special and unique opportunity. I could participate from the comfort of my own home. My audio would be muted, so I could sing off-key, mispronounce words, lose the timing…or simply listen.

As the months passed, and with weekly attendance, I have embraced the chanting. I am discovering the physical and emotional benefits that chanting provides. Kneeling with equal weight on both knees requires an upright position that improves my posture and aligns my spine. I have discovered that deep abdominal breathing is more relaxing and enables me to maintain the chanting rhythm without gasping for air. Chanting requires focus, an uncluttered mind and letting go. For me, it is strong and deep, yet peaceful and relaxing. After chanting I feel energized. I now chant several times each week.

Our weekly gatherings over the past seven months have deepened my understanding of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism. I feel more connected than ever. This would not have been possible if not for the tireless, dedicated commitment of our leaders. Thank you.

~Barbara, Calgary

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