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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: International Volunteers Day

Celebrating International Volunteers Day, Taoist Tai Chi® arts participants feel deep gratitude for the many opportunities to volunteer, to help others and to contribute positively to the world. With the intention to help, making tea, and even attending meetings are activities on the Taoist path. The rich rewards of a caring life include a sense of calm purpose and a connection with others. Here are one participant’s thoughts:

“I feel privileged and grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism. It gives me a sense of belonging and purpose. I am part of something more than myself. This involvement feeds an internal spark of life giving me the physical strength and mental capacity to help myself and others. volunteering teaches me calmness and tames my heart as I face new challenges, and I find my  health continues to improve through my strong connections.  Living in a remote area I appreciate being able to fully participate. It is important to me that a strong connection with FLK is possible no matter where one lives.”
~ Wendy

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