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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: The Practice of Taoist Tai Chi® Arts in Nature

I love my daily individual practice of Taoist Tai Chi® arts outside in my condo garden or under a covered porch if it is raining. I have a deep experience of ‘oneness’ with nature.  I feel the unity of the vast macrocosm of the universe and the microcosm within myself.

I have found great joy watching the flowers and leaves around me burst forth day by day but especially watching the birds that fly onto a railing nearby and watch and sing as I practice.

I have always been aware of the force of gravity whilst practicing, either working against gravity or allowing gravity to work through me. However this feeling of oneness with nature is wonderful. This experience makes the Yin Yang symbol so relevant where change is always present and always trying to achieve balance.

-Marilyn, British Columbia


I have been playing with these arts for many years. During the lockdown, I have been diligent in practising the foundations but have trouble, even in a big house, with getting more than four brush knees, wave hands or monkeys in a row.

So, now the weather has improved, I am happy to be outside in the sunshine under the trees in my backyard. I was thoroughly enjoying doing a Taoist Tai Chi® set, feeling the balance, finding the connections, when I realised I was about to do Fair Lady for the second time. No bolt from the blue, no worries, I simply did a set that had more than 108 moves this time. Very, very enjoyable and relaxing and calming and…

Thank you, Master Moy.

-Jane, Ontario

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