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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Practicing Stillness: Stories #5


It is so affirming to know that I have such a great tool for improving my own health at my fingertips. When I feel anxious, my practice can ground me and I feel empowered. When I am feeling bored, a set results in a lightness of heart and I am buoyed. Anywhere, anytime, it is all there for me to unfold



Lately, my stomach was upset with no appetite. This persisted no matter what I tried. Over time, with the daily practice, I realized an improvement in the abdominal area.  Also, I am grateful for the practice of chanting and connecting with everyone. It has helped to bring peace and calm to the mind.

-Carole, Ontario


I started the Taoist Tai Chi® arts for two reasons. First, to help me maintain my balance and coordination as I age, and second, to help me manage chronic neck pain. I have found the movements, pace and discipline very beneficial. I am more aware of where I am in space, more certain in my movement, and my range of motion, through my neck and upper body, has benefited.

-Marilyn, British Columbia


My home practice has become timeless. Whether doing a set or part of a set or working on a particular move, I experience a wonderful light, open feeling and am free from intrusive thoughts. The amazing, rich gifts of the Taoist Tai Chi ® arts are felt more quickly when my mind is quiet, bringing me tremendous joy.

-Wendy, British Columbia

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