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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Rapid Recovery after Kidney Transplant



In 2019 I had been practicing Taoist Tai Chi® arts for 22 years; it is also the year I had a full medical check including scans, bloodwork, and psychological assessment in hopes of donating a kidney to my husband.  Through the years of my Taoist Tai Chi® practice, I noticed the physical benefits of eliminating my chronic back pain, decreasing arthritic pain, increasing joint movement, and building a feeling of calm and wellness. All of this created a sense of belonging and the flexibility to accept change. I also noticed confidence, connection, and balance in my practice and within my life.

What I couldn’t quantify earlier in my practice was the internal benefits I was also gaining.  Through these years, I have only occasionally taken medication of any kind.  My medical results in May 2019 left me feeling 100% confident that my Taoist Tai Chi® practice has created healthy internal systems. Among other things, the doctors reported, “Overall very healthy with above average kidney function….”  

The kidney I donated to my husband was successfully transplanted on Feb 24, 2020. My recovery was incredibly smooth and  included Taoist Tai Chi® practice. I have not noticed any health deficiencies since the kidney was donated. 


I would like to thank  Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism™ for their commitment to continue to share the Taoist Tai Chi®  arts and for offering a platform to stay connected while apart during the pandemic.  The message to practice consistently and stay strong has encouraged me to develop a daily personal practice that continues to keep me healthy, inside and out.

~Corrina H.

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