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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: One Percent Better

At the Saturday, March 13th chanting session, I discovered what it means to let go and relax.

The Northern Dipper Scripture is a long chant and I found it difficult at times to follow the pacing and pronunciation. As I struggled through the chant, I could feel various muscles and different parts of my body tensing up. Especially in the shoulders and chest, while keeping the back straight and kneeling. Sometimes I had to stop for a breath or two. As I was feeling tired, my body could no longer keep everything straight and rigid.

Without realizing it or even thinking about it, my shoulders and my entire body relaxed. And, to my amazement, I was able to chant better, going with the pacing more easily and I did not struggle as I did earlier. As I was thinking about it afterwards, I could not believe that I had not thought about relaxing, letting go of my body while chanting, even after 25 years of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

A very positive discovery, 1% better!!

~Milesa L.

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