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Strengthens the Whole Body

Having always been into fitness and physical activities since a child, I came to FLK looking for an activity to learn and practise as I became older and less able to perform my other physical activities. I had visited China and seen Tai Chi performed in parks. I loved the outdoor nature of it plus no equipment needed. Also you could do it alone, not requiring the support of others.

I had broken my elbow, and from this accident realised the effect this had my total body movement; not just my arm, but wrist, fingers, shoulder neck and back. The importance of maintaining my whole body for physical well-being became apparent. The inter-relationship of movements was clearly evident to me.

With Taoist Tai Chi® practice, I found a form of exercise that strengthens my whole body. I have noticed improvement in balance, flexibility, left/ right body awareness, muscular movements, as well as posture and support for my spine and scoliosis.

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