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Feeling the Benefits

When I joined FLK in February 2018, I continually heard the mantra of relax, straighten your hips, turn your body, shift the weight, ground the feet etc. At the first this had little meaning, but as I attended more sessions we focused on each aspect and slowly things started to make sense and my body started to respond.

Through the COVID lockdown, I put into practice the different aspects of our training and learnt the movements. I looked forward to our return to in person sessions to have my bad habits corrected. Since returning, I have with the leaders’ in training guidance focused on how my body feels and adjusted my moves accordingly to feel the benefits (e.g. the stretch, transfer of weight etc.).

I have noticed improvements in my balance, and flexibility, my niggly thoracic pain has gone, I have full range of arm movements and I can pick up my grandchildren.

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