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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Joy in Music

Before doing Taoist Tai Chi® arts I played the violin by deciding how I wanted the music to sound.  I added a lot of ornamentation on top of the melody, which didn’t always follow the underlying form.  The effort to make the music sound a certain way would often lead to neck and shoulder stiffness.

After starting my Taoist Tai Chi® practice, and playing at banquets and celebrations, I began to feel the music, and like in my practice, allow the feeling to lead me, rather than forcing the music to sound a particular way.  The emphasis became one of simplifying so that the natural flow and beauty of the music emerged with much less forced effort.  Playing in harmony with the other musicians became more of a focus, rather than trying to stand out.

I am so grateful for Taoist Tai Chi® practice.  It has transformed my playing, bringing me more joy in my music.  Here I am at a pre-pandemic FLK banquet!


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