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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Trustworthiness

Reflections on the 8 Virtues


Sincerity – Honesty – Keeping one’s promises


Where does one turn when facing a challenge in one’s life?  What I’ve discovered is that I can turn to his teachings for guidance. Having become aware of a recurring issue between myself and a business partner, I began to question my intention at work, to ask myself, do I have the right intention at work?  Are my intentions clear, sincere, and connected to my heart?  I realized that my lack of self-confidence prevented me from taking responsibility and acting accordingly, thus depriving me of the right intention. My behaviour lacked trustworthiness.

Trustworthiness is one of the eight virtues we see outlined in one of our Fung Loy Kok booklets.  The way I see it, trustworthiness is an important virtue. Would you  like to go on a long trip in an unreliable car?  Not me!  When I travel, I need to feel confident and safe. I want to arrive at my destination without a hitch.

To do this, you have to make the necessary adjustments and do them well. Get the things done! Just do it! Our directors have repeated these phrases to us repeatedly over the past two years during our Saturday morning zooms. With the idea of applying his teachings, I finally understood that if I wanted to become a reliable person, I had to change my way of being, and act with the right intention. Acting in this manner has resulted in a much more harmonious relationship at work.


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