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Trust has become the key word for me over the past year. When the pandemic started I joined the Zoom sessions on Saturdays. I only understood few sentences, but they were very clean, simple and powerful. Don’t worry. Let it go. Trust the directions. I was there almost every weekend, listened to these sentences and I enjoyed the chanting and seeing familiar faces. I couldn’t only see this community but I could feel it. I felt more and more that the Board trusts the people, the teachings, so the trust grew in my heart too.

As a result of this the trust helps me in my everyday life. Decisions are faster and easier. It is easier to let things go, and to do what I can. I have left my job and I homeschool my child to teach her to read, write and count. But not only did she learn and practise, so did I. I practised patience and consistency. After a while I was less worried, and I understood better the discussions on Saturdays.

Nowadays when I am practicing, I also trust in my body better, so I can find feelings like naturalness, calming down. So I think if we find a positive and strong feeling in our hearts it will lead us to find other good feelings in our hearts and in our life.

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