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Listening and Letting Go

The chanting sessions and discussion have been so helpful during this pandemic time. By hearing the importance of self practice every week, I too was able to make it a habit. I practiced regularly before but the practice then had a quality of “doing out of duty”. Now I allow myself to be more playful with it. I try to listen to what I am in the mood for practicing and do that.

Sometimes it is all the movements, sometimes just a few or the foundations. I practice multiple times a day. Sometimes for shorter, and sometimes longer periods. I also pay more attention to the feeling. It is not yet automatic, I often have to remind myself to let go but when I notice that I have been tense, it is easier to change and be more relaxed.

I very much appreciate the regular opportunities to practice chanting. I feel myself more connected with others through chanting and enjoy not having to think and just doing it. Chanting helps physically and emotionally as well. The common focus of helping others during this time makes me feel that I can also contribute in some way. The texts are getting more and more familiar with practice and it is easier to follow along. I also enjoy learning about the culture behind the chanting and the ceremonies and how it connects to other parts of the training.

With the many meetings between the countries and the leadership my understanding and trust have grown towards the organization. I feel more connected to others and it is easier to work together. In the administration and also in my daily work I feel I am more engaged and more focused. I still have to let go of the worry and expectations more but by hearing the experiences of others and by being consistent with my practice I hope that this will come eventually. I am really grateful for this period and the opportunities that the directors have given us to grow. It is not always easy but I can feel the changes and will hopefully feel even more.

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