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The Power of Reflection

I think I caught COVID at the end of March 2020 … Illness is always a great motivator for me and inspires me to do more practice. I upped my usual morning routine. A few months in we were encouraged to practice something of choice 50 times. I chose to practice 50 brush knee a day for 50 days. Each day I chose something to work on and focused on that. I’d often blamed my slightly swollen left foot for wobbly balance on my left side and discovered my foot wasn’t to blame at all! No, I wasn’t turning my foot to 45 and I wasn’t fully turning my palm up when taking my arm behind me, as well as many other things.

I continued working on a different aspect every day, learning lots, trying to recall as much instruction as I could from retreats and previous sessions. I became my own leader in training. I was able to continue for 5 weeks focusing on something different each day. The last 2 weeks were spent just enjoying the feeling. I felt like I floated across the ground effortlessly. It felt so balanced, each component led to the next movement automatically. I realized I’d concentrated on the form so that I could forget the form and then experience the feeling.

Then something happened with the chanting. It was difficult at first as my lungs were still sore and my energy low. But slowly and surely I got stronger and stronger and with strength came confidence and resolve. The physical benefits became really apparent. I also realized that I didn’t enjoy chanting for myself as much as chanting for others. Chanting with others in mind transformed the experience, it was much more powerful, enjoyable and energizing. It was a revelation, it helped open my heart, I felt more spiritually connected. I thought too, what a wonderful chance to help others around the world, where else could I do this?

Thank you for encouraging me to write my reflections. Reflecting has helped me be more grateful. This appreciation brings more joy to my life. Reflecting helps me understand myself better and what’s going on with me so that I can see what needs to be worked on. I’ve become aware of how Fung Loy Kok permeates my whole life. I try to apply his teachings to every part of my life. It helps me see how everything is connected. It helps me feel how everything is connected and understand that everything is really everything.

I feel everything is taken care of so I don’t have to worry about a thing.

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