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Accept What Life Is

In March 2020, when all in-person activities of FLK were suspended due to Covid-19, I started a daily practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts at home, kept in regular contact with the branch participants and maintained a connection with FLK through Saturday morning chanting and discussions lead by the directors. This practice provided a structure and meaning in my life at a time of collapse in the outside world.

>Deepening my understanding of FLK and the feeling in my practice is my focus for 2021. Self-practice is helping me to stay strong and healthy and not worry about what the future will look like. Working with the goal of trying to improve 1% each day helps me to let go of what life should be and accept what life is. Life is change and adjusting to change with a positive outlook helps me to stay calm and centred most of the time. I am grateful for the discussions about self-care and do not feel guilty about stepping aside from babysitting. As an older person I realize that the best gift to my family is my good health. Self-care is not selfish.

Sharing my reflections with others as part of the training from Master Moy does not come easily for me. I would prefer to be quiet and blend into the background. The discussions about leadership have helped me to recognize my responsibility to speak up for the organization as well as self-practice.

Listening to the FLK Board meeting on Wednesday mornings has given me an opportunity to deepen my trust in the leadership and to experience harmony in leadership on a deeper level.

Helping other is not being nice to everyone. The lessons in life are not always easy and sometimes requires us to look deep within ourselves to become a better person- “to polish our jade.” This process comes from Master Moy’s example.

I am very grateful for the thoughtful and consistent leadership of the FLK Directors throughout the pandemic.

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