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Practice Helps

When I began going to sessions; at the little hall in 2016, I remember thinking that I would never be able to do what the leader was showing me. I was intrigued. She looked so peaceful and graceful in her movements. I felt clumsy and uncoordinated but I wanted to feel relaxed and peaceful so I persevered.

Taoist Tai Chi® practice has helped me with my balance (which was not good at all in 2016 after a long illness), helped me to find my physical self again and helped me to recognise the connection between body and mind. I don’t know how this happened but I just kept going to classes and talking to other members.

Here is an example- today I was in the garden and I placed my foot in the wrong place which normally would put me off balance and I would be forced to stop what I was doing. Because of my practice, I was able to replace my foot in the correct position and continue with my gardening.

I continue to develop my own practice as I can see the benefits that come from it. I wish I had started when I was 20!

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