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My Soul is in a Good Place

From the beginning of the pandemic until now, many changes and transformations have occurred as a result of regular Taoist Tai Chi® practice and chanting.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was having strong anxiety feelings that I had never experienced before, together with fears and feelings of loneliness.

Fortunately, a wise decision was made by the FLK board and international leaders to set up a weekly Zoom group practice with FLK participants from around the world. We have been doing chanting followed by discussion every Saturday morning. From the very first session in March 2020 until now, we have been encouraged to take on the responsibility of our own practice, with the aim of 1% daily improvement.

I cannot give a proper summary of all that I have enjoyed hearing and learning at these Zoom sessions because there have been far too many inspiring discussions, stories and testimonials.

Here are a few points regarding my personal experience:


This practice has helped my brain cells to calm down. This was not achieved overnight, it was the result of consistency, trust, letting go and letting it happen.


I feel a deep respect regarding the spiritual traditions related to chanting. I now understand better why Master Moy included chanting as part of his teachings, as a way to tame the heart, become a better person and as a result, become better at helping others.


Calming my brain cells, improving my concentration, learning more about the spiritual aspects of chanting: this has not diminished my Christian faith. On the contrary, it has helped my soul reach deeper levels in all aspects of my faith. There is a common language in all of this, I feel it is encompassing. My soul is in a good place.


As the mind and spirit became quieter, calmer, it also became easier to let go and to let Tai Chi happen. There is fluidity in the set; it feels like one continuous move, reaching deep ‘into’ the ground and going up, way up over the head simultaneously. The movements fall into place naturally, gently yet with an inner force stronger than before.

My heartfelt thanks to the FLK board, international leaders and many others who have shared with us the many, many gifts that Master Moy left us. In the worst of times, we have been given a way to stay connected, to deepen our understanding of Taoist arts and to remain strong and healthy with daily practice.

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