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The discussions we have had lately have covered some difficult ideas. It has been making me think. So here is my latest reflection. It’s the third one. I hope it’s not too many. Recently, there has been discussion of a request from a participant for help from FLK to accommodate housing and work for one of our participants who suffered a significant medical illness and was now disabled. The participant had given greatly to the organization in the past. It would seem, on the outside, that it would be reasonable to grant this request as thanks for what they had given. So why wasn’t it? It was difficult to understand. It didn’t seem compassionate.

We have been taught that we should not give what someone wants. But why? Would this not be compassionate? I was having trouble understanding. I couldn’t complete the circle. Was it possible that I didn’t understand what true compassion was?

With more thought, I came to a deeper understanding. When we give what someone wants, we create dependency in that person. This makes them weak, not strong. To create strength, we need to give them the tools to help themselves. This is truly compassionate. But what tools to give?

Over the past five years of training, I have come to realize that Taoist Tai Chi® practice creates physical, mental and spiritual balance and strength. And over the last year, I have additionally come to realize that chanting and working together in the administration of FLK does the same. So by passing on the teachings of Master Moy we are being compassionate. We are giving others the tools to become strong themselves.

I’d like to thank Master Moy for this legacy and the dedication of our Leaders in passing this on and helping us to understand this.

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