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Daily Self-Practice

Over the past fifteen months, with the help and constant urging of the Board of Directors of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism, (and also my regional and branch leaders), I have developed a daily self-practice. After more than thirty years of practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. Imagine it taking this long!

The manner with which I now approach the movements has changed. In early 2021 my focus was on taking in the instruction I received, and adapting to changes. These days, I take more responsibility for my own practice. I try to concentrate on where my weight is and how to use it, what makes my weight shift, where the initial energy comes from, what causes the turning, the expansion and contraction, and how that makes my feet, back, chest, abdomen, neck and throat feel. Occasionally, moments of near weightlessness occur, also movement with no apparent effort. That sounds like a lot of thinking and concentration, but when it’s all working, and I’m staying in the moment, the movements feel natural and simple.

This past year, after having developed a daily practice, I notice that what used to be a fairly constant issue with lower back pain has changed dramatically for the better. I have gone for months without “putting my back out”.

Mentally, I’ve noticed some improvement. I’ve always been a worrier, and probably always will be. However, I make a point of finding moments of quietude every day, especially Saturdays after chanting sessions. Also, I am trying to improve my listening skills, so at least there is always some intention to hear and understand what is being said where before there was often none. If I notice that I have stopped listening to someone and instead am preparing what I am going to say next, (which means I’m guessing at what the other person is saying or will say), I try to shut that preparation down and get back in the present.

I am very grateful to be involved in Taoist Tai Chi® practice. It has enriched my life.

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