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Nourish the Heart

Confession, from a sudden somehow shocking discovery.

Since another participant shared her “Emptying the Cup” reflection, I started feeling uncomfortable.

In fact, she has uncovered my cup, which I found so full … even overflowing!

I looked inside it.

It is largely filled with knowledge, in a very intellectual sense and not always then brought to live confrontation with reality.

And it is filled with fascinating notions, that I have tried to memorize, write down, remember by heart.

The brain taking over the heart and the practice being neglected.

Fortunately, the cup is also – even though only partially – filled with an understanding that feels good, is deeply felt and reached my heart from someone else’s heart, without the mediation of reasoning.

Something sharable, that tastes like trust.

I am happy I had the opportunity to recognize this (step “without which not”) and I make the resolution to resume constant, consistent practice and to preserve and nourish the “heart” part and make the rest less intrusive and hopefully, slowing down, chanting, practicing, listening with less demands and expectations, without afterthoughts or plans about me/myself .

Lightened by letting go of any useless opinion (whether they are mine or others’).

Making space for his teachings just to sink into me, permeate my heart, impact my experience and be ready to simply emerge.

Now or then.

With others.

Thank you all for being here listening and helping!

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