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A Walk of Joy

When we started personal practice I was focused on trying to do things the right way, to achieve progress that would show that I was a good student when I came to the next retreat. So I looked at my practice from how I expected other people would see me. I would not have described it that way at the time, but that is what I have learned now.

During the last 2 years the focus has changed. Now I practice with curiosity, joy, lightness, much less ambition and appreciation of the changes that happens. I do it because I enjoy the path of his teachings and not to get recognition of my progress.

What has made this changes? Perseverance and the continuous inspiration and support from the FLK leadership on the Saturdays and since May 2021 I also had the chance to join the Wednesday board meetings. Keywords: Don’t worry, letting go, listen to the feeling and learn to watch.

I feel a deep gratitude to be able to follow his teachings and continuously experience more joy, a lighter heart and that everything comes more natural, with less emotional pain. Improvement is incremental and there is so much more to learn and improve, but it is not a daunting task, but a walk of joy.

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