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For a person who has lost hearing and balance, who suffers from a neurological disease (NF2), the movements of Taoist Tai Chi® practice are a challenge and have to do with trusting the therapeutic properties of this discipline.

In these months of forced distancing because of the COVID, I have been able to experience a personal way of practicing, more suited to my limits, more aware and free.

I was able to choose the time of my practice, my rhythms, my timing, the right moment for a break, the safe, family-friendly place, the silence and the contact with nature (on my terrace at home).

I reached the essence of the discipline: with attention to the basic rules, lightening the movements and taking my time, slowing down, to favor balance. There is something sacred in every gesture of Taoist Tai Chi® arts, from the initial bow to honor the earth that supports us, to the alternating steps: put down-take off your foot, advance-go back, open-close.

Offering yourself to the invisible!

The game of life.

To lighten the burden of life, let go of what is inessential.

After having been repeating the moves in this long period of self-practice, exploring and listening in freedom, with patience, attention and curiosity, now the feelings I feel show me and make me recognize with more and more clarity different deeper aspects of his teachings: for instance, wide open arms remind me of the centrality of the heart, wave hands connects me to the intention of lightness and of letting go of resistance to unforeseen events of life …

Perhaps it will be difficult for me to resume the practice in a group, but the purpose of his teachings is not to develop alone, I have learned this also thanks to this organization: it is a sharing path.

Thank you!

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