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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Practicing Stillness

When I feel tired after a day of hard work I want to sit down and rest. Instead I do my Taoist Tai Chi®️ arts practice and the tiredness goes away and I feel energized.

-Remi, British Columbia


Standing meditation helps me find a feeling of stillness and balance in these difficult times.
-Marlene, British Columbia


This time of self-isolation has offered me the opportunity to find more quietness in my Taoist Tai Chi®️ practice, especially in the tor-yu everywhere. Looking for and listening to the spine turn and expand. And better yet, experiencing and feeling more balance.
-Norman, British Columbia


I’ve always heard that Taoist Tai Chi® practice is a moving meditation but now I feel it right away. It’s a really deep practice now.
-Pearl, British Columbia

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