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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Personal Practice Challenges and Discoveries

Initially, with inclement weather, there was the challenge of finding adequate space inside to do a set or sequence of moves. Being disciplined to set aside time for regular Taoist Tai Chi® practice was a challenge. I was challenged to focus to find that elusive stillness.

Nicer weather drew me outside, but challenged me with more distractions. But then I discovered that rather than sailing through a few sets, I needed to focus on specific moves or short sequences. I needed to pay attention to specific details such as my arm movements when I focused on pushing from my foot in Monkeys, or how far I could expand with Clouds. Distractions just faded into the background.

-Rob, Alberta


The dan yu is teaching me to let go more, to feel more ground, more trust.

The dan yu is showing me where I am growing stronger, more balanced, and where I still have work to do.

The dan yu is reminding me that as the weather can change, so can the energy, the emotions, the heart. The weather I cannot change but these others I can.  I can choose to practice, to feel more calm, be more clear, with more smiles.

Much appreciation is extended to leadership who have given the instruction to treasure this time and to develop our own practice. In offering the Saturday  Chanting for the World, they have continued to connect us and encourage this strengthening. Many thanks.

-Terryl, Alberta

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