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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Our Precious Arts

For several months I have joined the Saturday Chanting sessions for the World, Festival Chanting on other days and taken part in a weekly, local, Chanting practise session. Like my individual Taoist Tai Chi® arts practise, Chanting has become a daily endeavour, one I cannot imagine not being part of my being. I find as I go about living I sometimes notice I am chanting quietly and rhythmically. The feeling is expansive, opening, and seems to permeate to a deep, internal knowing.

This consistent Chanting has brought significant well-being to mind, body and spirit.

My mind feels calmer and I have noticed a settling and stillness. I find I am letting go of worry and am approaching issues, in a balanced way. Drama has been put in its place.

Each day my body feels stronger and capable of dealing with not only uncertainties that I face, but the beauty and joy health brings. The “1000 miles” is a journey made possible as I practise cultivating balance through Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

My spirit is uplifted and strengthened because of the support, encouragement, care and heartfelt compassion from our Board, from our community of participants around the world and precious teachings of Master Moy.

Rose, British Columbia.

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