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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: My Journey in Taoist Tai Chi® Arts

I love to run, and have participated in many marathons including a trip up Mount Kilimanjaro and a trek along the Inca Trail. I decided to sign up for Taoist Tai Chi® arts to help me become a better runner. A few years back, I started to experience breathing problems while running. No specialists or medications would help. I registered for a program being held at the International Centre in Florida. I had never chanted before and did not expect to be chanting for many hours with quiet sitting in between.

After the first day, I was exhausted and felt like I had run a marathon. Miraculously it got better each day. After returning home I was  running with a friend and he said, “Hey, what kind of drug did you take down there?” His question made me realize I was running and breathing effortlessly. Today, I continue to chant on a regular basis.

I believe Taoist Tai Chi® arts and chanting are for every age group and fitness level. I feel so blessed during this difficult time. Every day I enjoy my self-practice and look forward to chanting with the world each week.  Every day, I thank Master Moy for leaving us his legacy.

~Penny, Alberta

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