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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Happiness in the Just Doing

I find myself settling into a nice quiet routine.  I have always brought so much effort, energy, intention, whatever into my Taoist Arts® practice — and it wasn’t fulfilling anymore.
This period of isolation has taken me through so many encounters with my inner Self, and I find myself just letting go of some need (of mine) To Learn, To Do, To Experience.  
I’m discovering Happiness in the Just Doing.
This ongoing quiet time is so rich… The practice… The reflection on the Saturday sharing… Reflection on how I had approached instruction, and volunteering.  I feel a quiet comfort, a lack of Ambition… And I think it is actually opening me in a whole new way.
And you know what? You are all there with me in my mind as I practice. It’s amazing how many participants fit into my kitchen. I am never alone. 
-Barb, Ontario
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