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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Fall Prevention and the Taoist Tai Chi® Arts

The Fall Prevention Open Houses presented in the Barrie and Orillia branches on November 8th and November 12th were both well attended. These open houses were held in celebration of International Seniors’ Day, and in affiliation with Fall Prevention Week.

During the demonstration of the Tai Chi Set by ambulatory and seated participants, information was shared on the causes and consequences of falls among seniors. The history of Master Moy and our organization was interesting.

We were asked to watch the demo with a clear focus of how the practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts can help prevent falls by keeping us more grounded and aware of our surroundings as we go through our daily routines. We were given the opportunity to learn firsthand how a donyu can help to get up from a chair, and how mindful walking and transfer of weight can help prevent falls. Then we were invited to try the foundations on which the entire set is based and learn the first few moves. There were opportunities to ask questions.

A relaxing tea break and homemade goodies provided enjoyable time for us to mingle. Helpful testimonials were shared by a couple of participants,

describing how they use the Taoist Tai Chi® arts in their everyday activities to avoid falls and injuries, and how practicing has helped them speed up their recovery when they did fall, and to develop an increased awareness of their environment.

The open house concluded with an invitation for all of us to do a set together. It is really encouraging to learn that the Taoist Tai Chi® arts can indeed help us “Be Stronger Longer.”

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