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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Calgary Location participates in the Stampede Prelude

For the past seven years, Calgary participants have taken Taoist Tai Chi® arts to the street by participating in the Prelude of the Calgary Stampede Parade. This year, a little rain could not dampen the spirits and smiles of forty dedicated participants on July 5th. Donning rain ponchos, we kept ourselves warm by practicing together while we waited for the parade to begin. Wearing matching red cowboy hats and trailing a logo covered mini chuckwagon, we walked, waved, and yahooed. Stopping at each block, we engaged locals and visitors from around the world in some foundations. We then demonstrated the beginning of the set.

Our smiles caught on, and despited the rain and the early hour of the morning,  the parade goers joined in.

While we made our way through the puddled streets, we were accompanied by a special addition for our 40th year…a baby dragon. It was animated by young friends whose dedication and skill impressed everyone. After walking the ten blocks, a little wetter but much brighter in spirits, we shed our cowboy hats and blended into the crowd.

Just as we were completing our part in the parade the sun came out, proving that even if it does rain on your parade, good friends can still share the joy of Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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