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The Tiger's Mouth Blog: Being like Water

For the past 3 months during my individual practice of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts, I have discovered a fluidity that I have been searching for for years. The need to practice for hours at a time has changed into a deeper sense of slow, fluid, motion arising from letting the spirit lead the practice. 

Working in the yard one day I experienced severe back pain, the first since becoming a participant 10 years ago. I realized how important it was for my health to keep practicing the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and slowly resumed with donyu and toryu as my back would allow. Practicing during this period of recuperation allowed me to go deeper into what I was feeling inside. At the same time I was very appreciative of the weekly chanting for the world sessions, listening to the chanting and taking guidance from the directors. I have also enjoyed connecting through our local and regional Zoom meetings. 

Instead of doing a full set every day, I now focus on a move and practice it until I “feel”, instead of just doing. I think about the notion of “being like water”. A new challenge arises from my discovery, applying this to the rest of my life.


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