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Coming Back Together

Taoist Tai Chi® arts give practitioners powerful tools to cultivate strength, calm and resilience through individual practice. During the pandemic, regular online gatherings provided connection, training and encouragement, helping us find deeper understanding.

We are in the process of re-opening for introductory sessions and look forward to welcoming you soon at your nearest location!

"I have found that letting go is a key element in moving forward in these turbulent times. Letting go of my worries and the negative voices in my head. Letting things just happen and committing to regular Taoist Tai Chi® practice. In fact, thanks to these arts, I can say that these difficult times have helped me to cultivate even more positive mental health."

Jane, Canada

Materials to Spend Time with

Texts for Chanting:

Goon Yam Gau Foo Ging
Daai Bei Jau
Bo Hui Jaan

Bo Hui Jaan


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