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Strong Together in These Times

Taoist Tai Chi® arts continue to give practitioners powerful tools to cultivate strength, calm and resilience through individual practice. Regular online gatherings provide connection, training and encouragement, helping us find deeper understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you once it is safe to open our doors!

Read below how participants are improving their physical, mental and emotional health with Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

What are practitioners saying about individual practice?

The Directors’ advice to develop our self-practice is helping to keep me strong and is my cure for daily worry during this pandemic.

– Annie, St. John’s

No matter what I do –whether it’s the physical practice, talking to participants, or chanting– it all brings a sense of stillness. That’s priceless.

– Scott, New Brunswick

When I joined the Saturday chanting sessions last May, I was looking to remain connected with Taoist Tai Chi® arts and our participants. But, with the chanting and discussions that followed, I realized there was so much more. The continued focus on self-practice was a concept I had never considered. I preferred to practice with the group. I now have discovered self-practice, self-reliance and self-awareness. As the leaders of Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism shared the wisdom of our founder Mr. Moy, I found myself applying this information to my own practice. I forgot I was alone.

– Rob, Edmonton

I have found that letting go is a key element in moving forward in these turbulent times. Letting go of my worries and the negative voices in my head. Letting things just happen and committing to regular Taoist Tai Chi® practice. In fact, thanks to these arts, I can say that these difficult times have helped me to cultivate even more positive mental health.”

– Anonymous

Living with agoraphobia and social anxiety as I do, the regular virtual meetings along with my daily Taoist Tai Chi® practice have become an extremely vital part of managing my mental health and staying positive and balanced. I find great strength and resilience in connecting with Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism through teachings, encouragement and shared experience.

– Anthony, Central Region

Every week I look forward to the Saturday chanting session. It’s very uplifting to feel connected to the world and, while chanting, I also feel connected to myself. Chanting, followed by the talks, has freed up my spirit and has given me the confidence I needed, as a beginner, to keep going in my Taoist Tai Chi® practice.

– Monique, Prince Edward Island

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