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I have chanted almost every day since the start of the pandemic. It doesn’t feel like I am stopping to breath when I chant. It is like turning a tap on and there is a steady flow as opposed to a starting and stopping. There isn’t a hesitation but a steadiness that spills over into other aspects of my life. It is a confidence or stillness that arises.

As a leader in training I have noticed a deepening and greater connection at all levels. Usually there are third hand stories that are passed onto participants. We are now hearing from the board and others on a weekly basis. The way that all of the leaders in training are working together feels like we ready for a large expansion started with our practice and became more clear with sharing.

I have been doing more quiet sitting. Something changed for me. I find sometimes my bones feel weighted and then in between my bones it lets go. It is interesting that when you practice something without expectation things naturally arise or happen.

Watching and listening have been the same thing for me. Sometimes it is hard to see all the angles but with others that you trust you can learn quicker by letting go. This has been a great year for self practice.

I remember starting when I was 19 and moving to volunteer at the international centre. It felt like I was in the middle of things trying my best to follow and learn. After school when I moved back home it felt like I was leaving some of the deeper training. It felt like I had missed an opportunity with my life but I just kept going.

What I realize now is that self practice is the opportunity to practice all the time. Usually there was a thought that I would practice later but it feels like now is the moment. By just doing on thing at a time there isn’t a big list of things to accomplish but things get done as you go.

After I finish this reflection I will start my next one. It is so clear that way to improve is to continue to do the self-practice. I appreciate the opportunity to practice, learn, contribute any way I can.

Thank you to Master Moy, the Board of Directors, and everyone on the path.

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